Personal Data Collection Statement

1.1 This statement sets out the policies of Bonshou Network Limited (“Bonshou”) in the collection, use, sharing and protection of members’ personal information. Bonshou may update or change this statement from time to time and these changes will be posted on Bonshou website.



2.1 Bonshou may collect and/or request you to provide information about yourself via its website, in application forms or through other channels.  The information Bonshou collects or requests from you may include but is not limited to:

2.1.1. personal information such as your salutation, name and date of birth;
2.1.2. contact information such as your mobile telephone number(s), mailing address(es) and email address(es);
2.1.3. business information such as company name, business title, business registration document and related contact information;
2.1.4. responses to market surveys and contests conducted by Bonshou or on its behalf;

2.2. Personal data collected by Bonshou may be used for either obligatory or voluntary purposes. If personal data are to be used for an obligatory purpose, you MUST provide your personal data to Bonshou and if you fail to do so in relation to a specific service, Bonshou may be unable to provide that service in full. If personal data are only to be used for a voluntary purpose, you may notify Bonshou in writing not to use the personal data for that purpose and Bonshou will not do so.



Obligatory Purposes
3.1. Bonshou may use personal data for one or more of the following obligatory purposes:
3.1.1. to process your application to join, and administer your membership of Bonshou;
3.1.2. to respond, process, fulfill and otherwise handle your general enquiries and your requests for any products or services Bonshou offers, however such enquiries and requests are submitted;
3.1.3. the operation of Bonshou including delivery of associated benefits and services, ongoing research and program development, delivering news and information to members, and record-keeping purposes;
3.1.4. for identification and verification purposes, in connection with any of the services or products that may be supplied to you;
3.1.5. disclosure to third parties to comply with any law, legal requirements, orders, directions or requests from any court, authority or government body of any jurisdiction, whether within or outside of Hong Kong; and
3.1.6. purposes directly relating to any of the above purposes.

Voluntary Purposes
3.2. Bonshou may use your email address, postal address or telephone number (collectively in this statement, “contact data”) for one or more of the following voluntary purposes:
3.2.1. to administer contests and sweepstakes, including but not limited to disclosing the winner of any such contest; and
3.2.2. for direct marketing, promotional and member relationship management purposes.

In this connection:
(a)    Bonshou must obtain your consent (which can include an indication of no objection) to use your contact data for direct marketing;
(b)   the following classes of products, services and subjects of Bonshou, and other businesses may be marketed:
         (i) products and services offered by Bonshou

         (ii) reward, loyalty or privilege programs offered by third party business partners of Bonshou who are in the business of providing the classes of products, services and subjects set out in paragraphs 3.2.2(b)

                (iii)-(xi) below (“Bonhou’s Partners”);
         (iii) air travel and accommodation services and non-air transportation services such as hotel transfers, car rentals, limousine and taxi services, bus operators, train operators and cruise operators;

         (iv) financial, insurance, credit card, banking, foreign exchange, and other related services and products;

         (v) telecommunication, internet and mobile communication services;

         (vi) food, wine and beverages and related services;

         (vii) travel and leisure services, including but not limited to holiday package products and services offered by travel agents, tickets to theme parks and other attractions;

         (viii) consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, printed matter including books, newspaper subscriptions and magazine subscriptions, audio visual titles, computer software and games,  mobile

                    telephones and peripherals, toys, furniture, home furnishings, home appliances, houseware and tools, stationery, sporting equipment, fashion and apparel, watches and jewelry, suitcases and bags, food

                    and consumables, beauty products and cosmetics, gift, flowers and hampers, health and beauty services, included but not limited to medical check-ups and spa packages, and vouchers, coupons and gift


         (ix) professional and consulting services;

         (x) tickets for concerts, exhibitions, films, theatricals, sporting and special events; and

         (xi) real estate purchases or rentals.


If you consent to the use of your contact data for these marketing purposes and the provision of your data to the persons mentioned in paragraph 3.4. below, please leave the opt-out box in the Application Form unchecked when applying to become a member.


3.3. Bonshou may provide your contact data to Bonshou’s agents for marketing its products, services and subjects listed in paragraph 3.2.2(b) above on Bonshou’s behalf, both in and outside Hong Kong.

3.4. Bonshou would also like to provide your contact data to Bonshou’s Partners for their use in marketing their own products, services and subjects as listed in paragraph 3.2.2(b), and Bonshou must obtain your written consent (which can include an indication of no objection) for such purpose.


3.5. If you do not want Bonshou to use or provide to other persons your data for direct marketing as described above, you may opt-out, without charge, by: 

3.5.1. following the “opt-out” instructions contained in these marketing communications; or
3.5.2. sending your “opt-out” instructions to Bonshou via
3.6. Except as provided below under “5. Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data”, Bonshou will not knowingly use or share your personal data in ways unrelated to the aforementioned purposes without your prior consent.




4.1. You have a right of access to and, if incorrect, to correct information about you held by Bonshou. All requests for copies of, or to correct, your personal data and all other enquiries about the handling of your personal data by Bonshou should be addressed in email to Bonshou via

4.2. Bonshou may charge a reasonable fee to process data access request(s).


5.1 We use cookies across our websites in order to improve their performance and enhance User’s online experience. Session cookies are used to enable user to move around the site and use essential functions on our websites, such as maintaining log-in details for the session such that the need to transfer information across the internet may be reduced. We will not collect any personal data from user when the cookies are being used.


6.1 Bonshou may disclose/transfer your personal data to, and jointly use your personal data with (1) all of the following parties for the purposes set out in paragraphs 3.1. and 3.2.1 above, and (2) if you agree that Bonshou may provide your personal data to other persons for their direct marketing purposes, the parties for the purposes set out in paragraph 3.2.2.(b) above: –
6.1.1. any agent, contractor or third party service provider providing administrative, research, distribution, data processing, telecommunications, computer, payment or other services to Bonshou in connection with the operation of its program;
6.1.2. any other business associates of Bonshou such as Bonshou’s Partners, loyalty program operators, hotel operators, retailers, restaurants and other companies necessary for offering or providing customer service or fulfilling customer requests in connection with Bonshou’s programs;
6.1.3. any person to whom Bonshou are obliged or expected to make disclosure under any law or guidelines, regulations or other measures issued by regulatory or other authorities (including industry and self-regulatory bodies);
6.1.4. any actual or proposed assignee of Bonshou or participant or sub-participant or transferee of Bonshou’s rights in respect of you;
6.1.5. provided you have agreed to the use of your personal data for direct marketing, our agents to market the products, services and subjects specified in paragraph 3.2.2. (b);
6.1.6. provided you have agreed in writing to Bonshou providing your personal data to them, to Bonshou’s Partners to market the products, services and subjects specified in paragraph 3.2.2(b); and
6.1.7. any other parties if transfer of your personal data to them is reasonably necessary or expedient to procure of fulfill your requests for services.


7.1. All enquiries regarding Bonshou’s compliance with its obligations under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486), opt-out requests or consents in relation to the use of personal data for direct marketing and requests for access to data or correction of data should be made in email to
7.2. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions of this statement, the English version shall prevail.

[OCTOBER 2021]


1. 總覽
1.1.  此聲明列出幫搜網絡有限公司(“本公司”)在收集、使用、共用和保護會員個人資料方面的政策。本公司可能不時更新或修改此項聲明,而此等修改將於本公司網站上刊出。

2. 本公司收集的個人資料
2.1. 本公司可能經由本公司的網站、申請表格或透過其他渠道收集及/或要求閣下提供關於閣下本身的資料。本公司收集或要求閣下提供的資料可包括但不限於:

2.1.1. 個人資料,例如:閣下的稱謂、姓名及出生日期;
2.1.2. 聯絡資料,例如:閣下的流動電話號碼、郵遞地址及電郵地址;
2.1.3. 業務資料,例如:公司名稱、業務職銜、商業登記證明、及相關聯絡資料;
2.1.4. 對本公司或代表本公司舉辦的市場調查和比賽活動的回應;

2.2. 本公司所收集的個人資料可被用作強制性或自願性用途。如果個人資料被用作強制性用途,閣下必須提供閣下的個人資料予本公司,而若閣下未能就特定服務提供該等資料予本公司,本公司可能無法完全提供該服務。若個人資料僅被用作自願性用途,閣下可告知本公司不得使用個人資料作該用途,而本公司將不會如此使用該等資料。

3. 收集和使用個人資料之用途


3.1. 本公司可能使用個人資料作以下一項或多於一項強制性用途:

3.1.1. 處理閣下加入本公司的申請及管理閣下的本公司會籍;
3.1.2. 回應、辦理及執行並以其他方式處理閣下的一般查詢及閣下就本公司提供的任何産品或服務而提出的要求,不論該等查詢及要求是如何提出的;
3.1.3. 本公司的營運,包括提供相關的獎賞和服務、持續性調查研究和計劃發展、向會員提供新聞和資訊以及紀錄備存用途;
3.1.4. 在與可能向閣下提供的任何服務或産品有關連的情況下,用作身份識別或核實用途;
3.1.5. 不論在香港境內或境外,為遵循任何司法管轄區的任何法院、主管機構或政府組織的任何法例、法律規定、命令、指示或要求,而向第三方作資料披露;
3.1.6. 與任何上述用途直接有關的用途。


3.2. 本公司可使用閣下的電郵地址、郵遞地址或電話號(在本聲明內統稱“聯絡資料”)作以下一項或多於一項自願性用途;

3.2.1. 管理比賽及抽獎活動,包括但不限於披露任何該等比賽的勝出者;及
3.2.2. 直接促銷、推廣及會員關係管理用途。

(a) 本公司必須取得閣下同意(而此項同意可包括表示不反對),方可使用閣下的聯絡資料作直接促銷;
(b) 可用作促銷本公司其他業務的以下類別的產品、服務及標的;
       (i) 由本公司提供的産品和服務;

       (ii) 由現正從事提供在第3.2.2.(b) (iii)-(xi)段內所列出類別的產品、服務及標的業務的本公司第三方業務合作夥伴(“本公司合作夥伴”)所提供的獎賞、忠誠或尊貴計劃;    
       (iii)       航空旅遊及住宿服務和非航空交通服務,例如:酒店接送、汽車租賃、豪華房車及的士服務、巴士營運商、火車營運商和郵輪營運商;
      (iv)       財務、保險、信用卡、銀行、外匯兌換及其他相關服務和産品;
      (v)        電訊、互聯網和流動通訊服務;
      (vi)       食品、酒類和飲品及相關服務;
      (vii)      旅遊和休閑服務(包括但不限於由旅行社提供的假期旅遊産品和服務),主題公園和其他旅遊勝地的門票;
      (viii)     消費類電子産品、電腦及其周邊産品、印刷品(包括書籍、報紙和雜誌訂閱)、視聽出版物、電腦軟件和遊戲、流動電話及其周邊産品、玩具、家具、家居裝設、家庭用品和工具、文具、體育設備、時裝

      (ix) 專業及諮詢服務;
      (x) 音樂會、展覽會、電影、戲劇、體育盛事和特別活動的門票;及
      (xi) 房地産購買或租賃。


3.3. 本公司可提供閣下的聯絡資料予本公司的代理商,以供用作在香港及香港以外地方代表本公司促銷在上文第3.2.2.(b)段內所列出的本公司產品、服務及標的。

3.4. 本公司亦希望提供閣下的聯絡資料予本公司合作夥伴,以供其用於促銷在第3.2.2.(b)段內所列出的其本身的產品、服務及標的,而本公司必須為該用途取得閣下書面同意(此項同意可包括表示不反對)。

3.5. 如果閣下不希望本公司使用閣下的資料或向其他人士提供閣下的資料作上文所述的直接促銷用途,閣下可在無須繳費的情況下,透過以下方式選擇不接收:

3.5.1. 按照在此等促銷通訊中所載的“不接收”指示;或
3.5.2. 按在第6.1.段下所列出的地址,透過電郵 向本公司提出 閣下的“不接收”指示予本公司。

3.6. 除在下文“5. 個人資料的披露及轉移”下所規定外,未經閣下事先同意,本公司不會以與上述用途無關的方式明知而使用或共用閣下的個人資料。

4. 查閱及改正個人資料

4.1. 閣下有權查閱本公司所持有關於閣下的資料及(如該等資料不正確)改正該等資料。有關索取閣下的個人資料副本或者改正閣下的個人資料之一切要求,以及有關本公司處理閣下的個人資料之一切其他查詢,均應以電郵形式致予本公司

4.2. 本公司可收取合理費用以處理查閱資料要求。

5. 使用Cookies檔案

5.1. 我們在網站上使用cookies以提高和增強用戶的在線體驗。 我們使用Session cookies令用戶可瀏覽及使用網站上的基本功能,如保留登入資料可減少在互聯網上資料傳遞的需要。我們在使用cookies時,將不會向閣下收集任何個人資料。

6. 個人資料的披露及轉移

6.1. 本公司可向以下各方披露/轉移閣下的個人資料,並與以下各方共同使用閣下的個人資料:(1) 所有下列各方,以作在上文第3.1.及3.2.1.段內所列出的用途,及 (2) 如果閣下同意本公司可提供閣下的個人資料予其他人士以作其直接促銷用途,對所指明的各方作在上文第3.2.2.(b)段內所列出的用途:
6.1.1. 在與本公司計劃的運作有關連的情況下,向本公司提供行政、研究、分銷、數據處理、電訊、電腦、付款或其他服務的任何代理商、承辦商或第三方服務提供者;

6.1.2. 在與本公司計劃有關連的情況下,給予或提供客戶服務或者執行客戶要求所必需的本公司任何其他業務關聯公司,例如:本公司合作夥伴、忠誠計劃營運商、酒店營運商、零售商、餐廳及其他公司;

6.1.3. 根據由監管機構或其他機構(包括行業及自律監管團體)所發出的任何法律或指引、規例或其他措施規定,本公司有責任或被期望向其作出披露的任何人士;
6.1.4. 本公司的任何實際或擬定承讓人,或者本公司就閣下而享有的權利之參與人或附屬參與人或受讓人;
6.1.5. 在閣下已同意使用閣下的個人資料作直接促銷的前提下,則本公司的代理商,以促銷在第3.2.2.(b)段內所指明的產品、服務及標的;
6.1.6. 在閣下同意本公司提供閣下的個人資料予本公司合作夥伴的前提下,則本公司合作夥伴,以促銷在第3.2.2.(b)段內所指明的產品、服務及標的;及
6.1.7. 如果向任何其他各方轉移閣下的個人資料對促致或執行閣下要求的服務而言是合理地需要或合宜的話,則該等其他各方。

7. 關於本公司私隱政策的聯絡詳情

7.1. 關於本公司遵守其根據《個人資料(私隱)條例》(第486章)的責任之一切查詢、有關使用個人資料作直接促銷的“不接收”要求或同意,及查閱或改正資料的要求,可電郵至。

7.2. 本聲明的英文與中文版本如有任何不符或抵觸,應以英文版本為準。